Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Easter Sunday was a wonderful time spent with our church family at an Easter Sunrise service & breakfast, then Easter lunch at our house after church. We also had an easter egg hunt for the little guys. Our family is growing so fast with all the new little ones. We have so many little boys in our family right now! Baby Eve is about to make her entrance into the world & we are really excited to have a little girl in the family! :) Here are a few pics from the day. Jonah, Caleb, & Jack playing together. I keep lots of toys at my house for all the little ones. :) Jack & Caleb eating their Easter lunch :) What a cute face!! Some of the family just hanging out after lunch. Caiden :) Jonah getting ready for the easter egg hunt. Molly helping Caleb with his eggs :) Caiden & Jonah Popi helping Jack look for eggs. Caiden, Kyle & Caleb Caiden Uncle Ethan & Jonah