Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today was a great day spent going to church & afterwards going to Allen & Amber's house to celebrate Allen P's birthday. It was a fun time spent with family & it made me realize once again how thankful I am to be in the family that I'm in. I realize that I could've been born in any family & in any part of the world but the Lord chose this family for me. :) I was raised in a Christian home with very loving parents that raised us to love the Lord & to respect others. And for that I am grateful. I appreciate so much the love that our family has for one another. In today's world, it's not common to see that. I was actually going to blog about my horrible experience at Food Lion today but i decided against that. I thought this blog would be so much more encouraging. :) Here's a pic of Amber who is always the perfect hostess. :) This is a pic of Grandma & Eric chatting The newly engaged Emily & Danny Jonah & his Poppi Caiden & his cute self

Friday, February 26, 2010

well, i'm entering the world of blogging. Not sure how often i will do this but i think it will be kinda cool to put my thoughts "down on paper" so to speak. I have never been a very wordy person but i do have thoughts now & then so here goes. :) My daughter, Emily, just recently became engaged to a really wonderful guy and we have all come to know & love Danny so this was really exciting news for all of us. Emily has always been super independent & knowing that i wasn't sure if too many guys would appreciate this quality about her or be scared away by it, but Danny seems to appreciate it. Emily's Dad & I raised Emily to be strong & to be able to take care of herself & we're super proud of who she has become. :) So now comes all the wedding plans! I'm sure i will be talking about that in the near future.