Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun Weekend

Friday night I went to the Wilson County Fair with my sis. We rode the ferris wheel, ate a funnel cake & saw an amazing bluegrass band perform.
This is the view from the top of the ferris wheel. :)

You never know who you might spot at the fair! We saw Uncle Sam...:)
Then we ran into the Taylors. Jordan had won this huge banana for a friend. :)

When it was time to leave, we unfortunately searched for our car in the parking lot for 45 minutes. Then we found out that there are 7 different entrances into the fair, not one. When we finally flagged a worker down to tell her that we were lost, she asked us what road we came in on. We couldn’t remember so when she started naming all of the roads & she said a name that we recognized, we said “that’s it”! We hopped a ride on the golf cart & she took us to the field where we parked which was on the other side of the fair grounds. I’m not sure how we got so turned around but I guess it had something to do with thinking that there was only 1 entrance! we missed the fireworks because we were looking for our car. I saw my sister’s “mean mug” because I was making jokes about being lost & she would have none of it! Just kidding Linda!! It was a really fun night!!
On Saturday we went to Underground Bluegrass in McMinville Caverns with Allen & Amber. Whoever came up with the idea of having a concert in a cave??? It was pretty awesome though & the sound was amazing! We even had a bat flying around during the concert! Here are a few pics.
This is a view of the beautiful mountains from the parking lot of the caverns.
Allen & Amber
Mike & me
The walk to the cave was on this country gravel road.
Then when we got to the mouth of the cave, there was a small bluegrass band there to entertain us while we waited to be escorted into the cave.
A couple of shots walking down into the Volcano Room where they hold the concerts.

The Volcano Room
The band on stage
After the concert we had dinner & topped the night off with Sweet Cici's yogurt. What an amazing weekend!!

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